Early in 2008 I stopped updating these pages as news of F3K in the UK was being looked after by FlyQuiet where the immediacy and interaction of a forum gave it the edge over static web pages.

These pages have been left to give an idea of what was going on with F3K in the UK between 2003 and the start of 2008.


F3K Contest Results 2007 F3K Contest Results 2006 F3K Contest Results 2005
F3K Contest Results 2004 F3K Contest Results 2003  
Polecat Aeroplane Works - Handlaunch University 2008
Contest Calendar for 2008. (Reference, to see what comps were scheduled)  
Contest Calendar for 2007. (Reference, to see what comps were scheduled)  
Contest Calendar for 2006. (Reference, to see what comps were scheduled)  
German Open F3K 2006 - Laucha
Report on the contest as well as information on flying F3K in Europe.
"The Odessa Experience" - F1A flying in the Ukraine. Aug
Analysis of LoLo/RAM/Alti data Jan
Contest Calendar for 2005. (Reference, to see what comps were scheduled) Dec
F3K Models in Flight Simulators Dec
Manufacturing Techniques and Tools - Tony Field Dec
DLG Workshop and Fun Fly. Near Oxford, Dec
Paul Naton Hand Launch Building Clinic. - Review by Mac. Oct
RAM 2 Logging Altimeter - Review Oct
The ups and downs of thermals Sep
BARCS Annual slope records using a DLG Sep
RDS installation in Taboo GT's - Michael Stern
See also the item dated Feb 2005 below. Aug 2005
BARCS Goal and Return Record Jul
Miniglider BARCS record - 1 hour 3 minutes 50 seconds Jul
XP4 Polar Data and Calculation Jun
Transmitter setup for DLG flying Jun
IHLGF 2005 Jun
Tasks for Radioglide 2005 - first time tasks have been flown at that competition. May
Oxfordshire launch clinic and general get together May
Flight Data Recorder Results from Dave Register in the US May
Conflicting weather forecasts. May
Stop Watches Apr
Flying DLG in the USA Feb
Bubble Matrix Feb
RDS (rotary drive system) for driving the ailerons.
http://www.irfmachineworks.com/rds/ whilst there is an interesting series of postings on RCGroups (number 28 onwards in the page you get from the link.) There are also two .pdf documents than can be downloaded, one from the Charles River Club and the other from Harley Michaelis.
Added June 2005, an excellent page from Gold Country R/C Soaring in Northern California. Then for those who enjoy the calculations Plus Martin Godden has an RDS page.
See also the item dated Aug 2005 above.
Bart Bird Tip modifications, pictures sent by Jef, work done by Arthur. Jan
Blaster - report from Peter Mitchell Jan
Spectre 2005 - report and pictures from Terry Adams Jan
Radic AL - from Arthur Ott Jan
Flying with the birds Jan
Information and pictures about all flying tailplanes Dec
Report and pictures on the Oxfordshire get together. Nov
Synthesised Transmitters and Mobile Phones Nov
Goddo's Guide to Glider Guidance plus his notes on F3K Flying Oct
Report on the Fly In at Peterborough, 24 October Oct
DLG Launching Oct
Another look at free flight HLG
HLG in the UK - - Swedish HLG, with plans
USA - Free-flight Catalogue with HLG
Absalut Kit - Mac McComb Sep
The possibility of a BMFA F3K League to go with the F3B, F3J
and F3F Leagues
Catching HLG's Sep
Looking for Lift - Includes Dave Thornburgs 12 Tips Aug
Discus Launch Stop Action Sequence Aug
Report of HLG at the American Nationals plus a review of the Paul Naton's Handlaunch Pro Clinic Handlaunch Pro DVD Aug
Receiver Batteries for F3K Models Aug
Flying the F3K Tasks - Martin Godden. Jun
Report from Martin Godden and Peter Mitchell as well as
pictures of 1st and 2nd place at Radioglide
Pictures of stress on HLG at launch Jun
Report by Phil Barnes, the winner on the 2004 IHLGF Jun
DLG wings with tubular carbon spars May
SG2 from Charlie in Sussex Apr
"Hand Thrown Gliders" become an Airsports Promotion Class Mar
DLG Rotations Mar
History of RCHLG Models - updated Feb
Free Flight Hand Launched Gliders Feb
Rotary Driver System for Ailerons Feb
Five approaches to small size DLG models Dec
History of the Giro Plus Poly/Dihedral in DLG Models Nov
Uncle Sydney's F3K GOSSIP COLUMN Nov
VoltWatch Receiver Battery Monitor Nov
BARCS Mini-Glider Rules Nov
Discus Launched Gliders Kits and ARTF available in the UK Oct
Modify your Highlight DLG - Bernie Hunt Oct
Bagged or Moulded Oct
Six Servo Highlight Discus - Mark Easy Sep
18 Tasks listed in the provisional F3K Rules and who uses them Aug
F3K Review - Sydney Lenssen Aug
How to really really enjoy your lunch break….. Martin Godden Aug
HLG Competition Comparisons - Martin Godden Aug
Why so many different F3K tasks? Aug
F3K Tasks from Seattle - IHLGF Aug
DLG - Looping into the Ground Aug
Some Models from the International Hand Launch Glider Festival 2003 Jul
Poway - what is it Jun
DLG Launch Heights Jun
Taboo XL and Taboo from Peter Mitchell Jun
DLG models produced in the UK Jun
Quark - Tom Finding, UK Jun
Spectre from the Redhill/Crawley Group May
Spinner EPP DLG May
HLG Definitions Apr
Gladiator F3K - information from Gerhard Pollack Feb
Discus Launching Jan
HLG and the Giro - first mention 2001